My scale says: 192.9LBS (-12.1), 22.6%Fat, 53.5%Water

Another pound lighter, how delightful to lose weight like this.

I read on blogs that some people don’t want to skip injections (once every week), because they fear hunger and a delay of weight loss. But Dr. Simeons recommends that you skip one injection every week if you take more than 23 shots in a row, and that is not without reason. My personal experience is that skipping injections don’t cause any problems at all like hunger and delayed weight loss. And an advantage is that with 40 injections (maximum allowed per course), you get an extra five days to follow the diet, so five extra days to lose weight. Could just easily mean 4 to 4,5 pounds of extra loss.

Grilled plaice fillet with a raw tomato

Grilled plaice fillet with a raw tomato

12:00 – Breadstick + orange
12:15 – Grilled plaice fillet with a raw tomato
15:30 – Apple and breadstick
21:00 – Steak and cucumber + some leaves of spinache


My scale says: 193.8LBS (-11.2), 22.6%Fat, 53.6%Water

12:30- Breadstick + orange
13:30 – Carpaccio salad
14:30 – Cucumber
18:30 – Apple
19:15 – Chicken and cucumber

My scale says: 194.3LBS (-10.8), 22.5%Fat, 53.7%Water

Yes! A big jump forwards, and very happy with this!!

But today I probably went wrong, because I think I ate too much fish. Went out eating in restaurants twice today, and of course did not bring a scale. First, during lunch, I ate carpaccio salad. I know for sure that that went all right and I stayed way below 100 grams of carpaccio.  Nevertheless in the evening, after the cinema, I ate in a restaurant a grilled Robalo (fish). I don’t even know if this is bass or pike, and probably ate 200 grams or more of the fish, instead of 100 grams. Furthermore I ate, unknowingly, one leave of spinach that was marinated in olive oil. That is not much, but still. We shall see tomorrow. Oh, and for “compensation” I didn’t ate the second fruit.

Robalo fish

14:00- Breadstick + apple
15:00 – Carpaccio salad
17:00 – Breadstick + cucumber
21:30 – Fish called Robalo (probably 200 grams), with salademix without dressing

My scale says: 196LBS (-9.0), 23.5%Fat, 53.0%Water

11:00 – Apple
13:00 – 3 eggwhites + 1 whole egg scrambled + breadstick
13:40 – Cucumber
17:00 – Apple
18:00 – Breadstick
20:00 – Veal + grilled tomatoes

My scale says: 196.5LBS (-8.6), 23.6%Fat, 53.0%Water

Am I doing something wrong? I ate different kinds of meat per serving, although that totals 100gr, it still might be wrong. Dr. Simeons doesn’t talk about it in his book, and online I founds no others doing this as of yet. So I really should not do this anymore. Sparkling water is alright isn’t it?  And oh, today I ate grounded beef . According to the instruction I received with the HCG (which I hardly follow, I just do Simeons instructions, but the books isn’t clear about this), grounded beef is not allowed unless you make it yourself from steak with a kitchen machine. Otherwise it contains too much fat.  But, and normally I buy organic, the supermarket offered extra lean grounded beef. I really wanted it, and extra lean, so bought it and made a meatball from it. Very nice! But still, it all is a little bit different here, a little bit different there. If by tomorrow I lost again so little, I am going to be more strict.   Probably all this is because my fat cells temporarily contain water, and therefore the scale shows less loss. But still ey..

For the general health I decided to drink less coffee. Not that I experience problems or anything, but too much caffeine is not good for the body. And I am not going to wait until I get health problems with it. So more water and more tea. Well, I am going to read the book “ponds and inches” again this week, and Google the net for more info.

12:15 – Breadstick and apple
13:00 – Shrimps with grilled spinacheleaves
15:45 – Breadstick
1800 – Orange
20:00 – Salade carpaccio (45gr.), extra lean minched beaf (55gr.).

My scale says: 196.9LBS (-8.1), 23.5%Fat, 53.1%Water

Strangely enough I forgot to inject on time today. Finaly I did this at 16:45.

13:00 – Breadstick and apple
13:30 – Veal with grilled spinache leaves
16:10 – Breadstick
17:00 – Apple
20:00 – Mixed grill of chicken, steak, veal + lettuce

My scale says: 197.1LBS (-7.9), 24.0%Fat, 52.8%Water

It all still goes very good. Here another picture of a meal.

Roast beef with grilled tomatoes and a little left-over steak.

Roast beef with grilled tomatoes and a little left-over steak.

13:00 – Breadstick
13:15 – Apple
14:30 – Roast beef (with little left-over piece of steak) and two grilled tomatoes
17:00 – Breadstick and orange
17:45 – Cucumber
22:00 – Chicken

My scale says: 198LBS (-7.0), 23.7%Fat, 52.9%Water

It goes well! 7 pounds gone. That is an average of 1 pound a day (first 2 days are only injections and eating a lot). Regarding feelings of hunger, I just don’t have them anymore. That HCG does miracles; no hunger, I am losing weight, and am full in energy. Also it already shows that I am losing pounds. :-)!

12:00 – breadstick
12:15 – cucumber
15:30 – chicken
17:15 – breadstick
19:15 – apple
21:00 – steak + cucumber

Oh, before I forget. Today I measured my waist, 40.6 inches. Just for comparison later on.

My scale says: 198.9LBS (-6.2), 23.7%Fat, 52.9%Water

Dr. Simeons his protocol states that if you take more then 23 injections, you should skip an injection for one day a week. This is to prevent immunity, which eventually makes the HCG ineffective (just for a while). Then you starve, burn muscles and burn the wrong fat.  So of course I skipped the injection today. No negative side effects experienced because it went great again today! Not the least bit of hunger, and that while my sister gave a baby party to show welcome to, and present, my newest and beautiful nephew! There was a lot of booze, many many very tasty snacks, catering, sexy waitresses, everything, all the whistles and bells. Those snacks (if that is the right name for such luxury food) were presented to me at least five times, and sometimes even “forced upon”, it be in a fun way. Haha.

Yesterday went out to town till about 3:00 at night, no alcohol and lots of fun! Surprisingly to me, I somehow like all of this. Not that the diet isn’t a challenge. But taking on challenges and succeeding often gives a positive feeling. Does it not?

12:45 – breadstick
13:00 – codfish + spinach leaves
13:30 – apple
17:00 – breadstick
19:30 – orange
20:45 – cucumber
22:45 – roast beef

Ps. I hope that tomorrow, despite not having an injection, I have lost weight again. We shall see.

My scale says 199.8LBS (-5.3), 24.3%Fat, 52.6%Water

Felt really good again today. Did a lot of work and could concentrate very well. My supply of HCG shots were done with, so I had to make new. The mixing etc. went very well this time. I was a little worries about airbubbles in the syringe. But a little of that is normal and totaly not dangerous, I learned after Googling about it.

12:15 – breadstick
12:40 – apple
15:00 – steak and onions
20:00 – orange
20:20 – shrimps with cucumber

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