Hi, I am Don from Holland, 28 years, 5.88 feet tall, and weigh 205lbs. My goal is to become at least 176lbs. After 40 days I’ll see if I want to lose more, and how I am going to do that.

I decided to start this blog so I can share my HCG experiences with you (and of course the rest of the world). If this protocol works to lose weight very fast, and if it also helps to become more healthy, then as much people as possible should know about this, I think. And yes, every form of proof and acknowledgment that it works (or not), can only help, if it is so.

I am someone who tries to be open minded. That is because that attitude brought me already so much positiveness. If you are open for the miracles in spite of pessimism or disbelieve of others, then you see, live is full of beautiful and unexpected things. Of course adventure can bring some dangers with it, so always keep your head at it.

That said I think that there is nothing more dangerous then to restrict yourself to the conventional paved ways. If you cannot think for yourself, the deceiving government, mainstream media, pharmaceutical industry, irresponsible companies, all kinds of power hungry folks, and a bunch of brainwashed sheeps will do it for you. And then they own you! There goes your freedom, and your health.

Food has a special interest to me. “Many” years ago I discovered that a diet (scdiet.com) cleared me from a chronic intestinal disease (Crohn). Because doctors waived it away like it was worthless, while it did work extremely well, my eyes opened up more and more. I believe in natural foods, the less processed the better, and without artificial ingredients added. That is at least what works for me–to be many years without intestine problems.

Nevertheless, I had difficulty discovering a diet that just as efficiently helped to lose unwanted fat. At first I was very skeptical regarding the HCG diet when somebody recently told me about it. But still I looked it up, researched it and became very interested. Now that skepticism turned into the hope that losing weight with the HCG diet by Dr Simeons will be succesful. I think so, because I have seen others doing it in Youtube video’s and other personal blogs like this one. Succes means to me:

* Losing weight fast
* No big appetite or hunger
* Losing the right fat on the right spots
* Preservation of the musclemass
* No jojo effect because metabolism works too slow–through the works of famine
* Feeling and being healthier

We shall see!

Ps. Despite that I have more areas of interest and experiences, I only planned to write about my experiences with HCG.