My scale says: 171.8LBS (-33.2), 18.9%Fat, 55.7%Water, Inj. 41, Circumference 35 inch

Yoehee!! I have reached my goal!! Minus 33.2LBS, and the result is great. I look wonderfully lean, and the diet was from beginning to end a good experience. 🙂

There was a period when I was very emotional, but I don’t think this has to do with the diet. Except that, because of this diet, I could not eat or drink my emotions away anymore, therefore I was directly confronted by them. To be honest, I really think that that surely helped me to grow in life.

Obvious is, this HCG diet works! I feel healthier, and did not have to experience hunger during the weight loss. Nonetheless is it your own decision to leave all the garbage aside and go fully for this program. Then you will be rewarded with results. I did this, and I am proud that I did it, and happy that I did it successfully.

Warme appel uit de oven met kaneelpoeder en stevia.

My mom presents a warm apple from the oven with cinnamon powder and stevia.

Warme appel uit de oven.

Warm apple from the oven.

Now that I type this I am already 6 to 7 weeks ahead from this day. And I am catching up to get this blog up-to-date again. In the meanwhile I have been travelling to South Afrika, and had many memorable, special experiences. Back in my country (The Netherlands) I was busy with work and issues with an ex-grilfriend who now “sort of” is  my girlfriend again. That is one of the important reasons why I did not write anymore in this blog. Nonetheless, I did write down my weight daily. I will update the blog one of these days with those numbers.