It all goes very well. What a wonderful effective diet is this, and I feel so healthy!

Officially you can take a maximum of 40 injections or lose a maximum of 33/34LBS, whatever comes first. But I now take an extra day, so I might be able to get to 33LBS (and win the 500 Euro bet I did earlier with someone, he just has to lose 22LBS, and I 33LBS to win. But he still has till June).

I haven’t done an apple day before, but I will take one today. This way I hope to lose a lot extra and reach the 33LBS by tomorrow as my last injection-weight.  So still 1.5LBS to go in one day, let’s pray!! 🙂

Day 37: 178.6 LBS (-26.4), 19.5%Fat, 55.4%Water, No Inj.
Day 38: 177.1 LBS (-27.9), 19.7%Fat, 55.2%Water, Inj. 33
Day 39: 177.1 LBS (-27.9), 19.5%Fat, 55.4%Water, Inj. 34
Day 40: 175.8 LBS (-29.3), 19.5%Fat, 55.3%Water, Inj. 35
Day 41: 176.0 LBS (-29.0), 19.5%Fat, 55.3%Water, Inj. 36
Day 42: 176.0 LBS (-29.0), 19.7%Fat, 55.2%Water, Inj. 37, circumf. 35.8 inch
Day 43: 175.6 LBS (-29.5), 19.4%Fat, 55.4%Water, Inj. 38, circumf. 35.4 inch
Day 44: 174.0 LBS (-31.0), 19.0%Fat, 55.7%Water, No Inj.
Day 45: 174.0 LBS (-31.0), 18.7%Fat, 55.9%Water, Inj. 39, circumf. 35.0 inch
Day 46: 173.6 LBS (-31.5), 18.2%Fat, 56.2%Water, Inj. 40

Roast beef with grilled spinache leaves.

Roast beef with grilled spinache leaves.