My scale says: 187.0LBS (-18.0), 21.6%Fat, 54.1%Water

I had a two day travel, and arrived back yesterday. So I didn’t see a scale on Monday and Tuesday. I kept it to the diet as good as I could, but here and there were probably some slip ups. But nothing major. So as you can see, I still lost 1.5 lbs in these 2 days. I was happy about that. Today at 18:00 I really noticed getting hungry. Just then I realized, I forgot to inject. Yea, crazy. So I did inject, and soon I felt better again.

11:45 – Apple
13:30 – Cucumber
16:30 – Breadstick
17:30 – Bifteck steak with grilled tomatoes + breadstick + apple
18:00 – Cucumber
20:00 – Scrambled eggs