My scale says: 171.8LBS (-33.2), 18.9%Fat, 55.7%Water, Inj. 41, Circumference 35 inch

Yoehee!! I have reached my goal!! Minus 33.2LBS, and the result is great. I look wonderfully lean, and the diet was from beginning to end a good experience. 🙂

There was a period when I was very emotional, but I don’t think this has to do with the diet. Except that, because of this diet, I could not eat or drink my emotions away anymore, therefore I was directly confronted by them. To be honest, I really think that that surely helped me to grow in life.

Obvious is, this HCG diet works! I feel healthier, and did not have to experience hunger during the weight loss. Nonetheless is it your own decision to leave all the garbage aside and go fully for this program. Then you will be rewarded with results. I did this, and I am proud that I did it, and happy that I did it successfully.

Warme appel uit de oven met kaneelpoeder en stevia.

My mom presents a warm apple from the oven with cinnamon powder and stevia.

Warme appel uit de oven.

Warm apple from the oven.

Now that I type this I am already 6 to 7 weeks ahead from this day. And I am catching up to get this blog up-to-date again. In the meanwhile I have been travelling to South Afrika, and had many memorable, special experiences. Back in my country (The Netherlands) I was busy with work and issues with an ex-grilfriend who now “sort of” is  my girlfriend again. That is one of the important reasons why I did not write anymore in this blog. Nonetheless, I did write down my weight daily. I will update the blog one of these days with those numbers.


It all goes very well. What a wonderful effective diet is this, and I feel so healthy!

Officially you can take a maximum of 40 injections or lose a maximum of 33/34LBS, whatever comes first. But I now take an extra day, so I might be able to get to 33LBS (and win the 500 Euro bet I did earlier with someone, he just has to lose 22LBS, and I 33LBS to win. But he still has till June).

I haven’t done an apple day before, but I will take one today. This way I hope to lose a lot extra and reach the 33LBS by tomorrow as my last injection-weight.  So still 1.5LBS to go in one day, let’s pray!! 🙂

Day 37: 178.6 LBS (-26.4), 19.5%Fat, 55.4%Water, No Inj.
Day 38: 177.1 LBS (-27.9), 19.7%Fat, 55.2%Water, Inj. 33
Day 39: 177.1 LBS (-27.9), 19.5%Fat, 55.4%Water, Inj. 34
Day 40: 175.8 LBS (-29.3), 19.5%Fat, 55.3%Water, Inj. 35
Day 41: 176.0 LBS (-29.0), 19.5%Fat, 55.3%Water, Inj. 36
Day 42: 176.0 LBS (-29.0), 19.7%Fat, 55.2%Water, Inj. 37, circumf. 35.8 inch
Day 43: 175.6 LBS (-29.5), 19.4%Fat, 55.4%Water, Inj. 38, circumf. 35.4 inch
Day 44: 174.0 LBS (-31.0), 19.0%Fat, 55.7%Water, No Inj.
Day 45: 174.0 LBS (-31.0), 18.7%Fat, 55.9%Water, Inj. 39, circumf. 35.0 inch
Day 46: 173.6 LBS (-31.5), 18.2%Fat, 56.2%Water, Inj. 40

Roast beef with grilled spinache leaves.

Roast beef with grilled spinache leaves.

I am in some kind of transition, emotional and psychological. Because of the intense emotions I could not bring it up to work further on this blog. I didn’t note my weight for every day, but did keep following the diet.  Many days I ate less then allowed, and two days I drank alcohol (wine). One time that was a lot, another time just 1,5 glass.

Here the update:

Day 27: 186.6 LBS (-18.5), 21.3%Fat, 54.3%Water, Inj. 24, circumf. 37.6 inch
Day 28: 185.7 LBS (-19.4), 21.2%Fat, 54.4%Water, Inj. 25
Day 29: 184.8 LBS (-20.2), 21.2%Fat, 54.4%Water, Inj. 26
Day 30: 184.1 LBS (-20.9), 20.4%Fat, 54.9%Water, no inj.
Day 31: 183.9 LBS (-21.1), 20.0%Fat, 55.5%Water, Inj. 27
Day 32:  not weighted                                             , Inj. 28
Day 33: 182.2 LBS (-22.9), 20.4%Fat, 54.8%Water, Inj. 29, circumf. 36.2 inch
Day 34: 179.1 LBS (-26.0), 20.4%Fat, 54.8%Water, Inj. 30
Day 35:  not weighted                                             , Inj. 31
Day 36:  not weighted                                             , Inj. 32

Grilled chickenfilet, with lettuce.

Grilled chickenfilet, with lettuce.

My scale says: 187.0LBS (-18.0), 21.6%Fat, 54.1%Water

I had a two day travel, and arrived back yesterday. So I didn’t see a scale on Monday and Tuesday. I kept it to the diet as good as I could, but here and there were probably some slip ups. But nothing major. So as you can see, I still lost 1.5 lbs in these 2 days. I was happy about that. Today at 18:00 I really noticed getting hungry. Just then I realized, I forgot to inject. Yea, crazy. So I did inject, and soon I felt better again.

11:45 – Apple
13:30 – Cucumber
16:30 – Breadstick
17:30 – Bifteck steak with grilled tomatoes + breadstick + apple
18:00 – Cucumber
20:00 – Scrambled eggs

My scale says: 188.5LBS (-16.1), 22.1%Fat, 53.8%Water

Somewhere I miscalculated, and my total weight lost is 16.5lbs. I am going to find the culprit, but have to do this later.  Next post will start from -16.5.

13:00 – Cottage cheese + breadstick + tomato
13:45 – Apple
17:30 – Breadstick
23:30 – bifteck steak(60gr) + lettuce + strawberries

My scale says: 189.9LBS (-16.1), 21.4%Fat, 54.3%Water

Cottage cheese with breadstick.

Cottage cheese with breadstick.

13:00 – Breadstick + orange
14:00 – Cucumber + bifteck steak
22:00 – Piece of crab
23:00 – Apple + breadstick
23:15 – Cottage cheese + tomato
23:45 – Half cucumber

My scale says: 190.1LBS (-14.5), 21.2%Fat, 54.4%Water

Went eating today with family (uncle, aunt, nephew and niece). Very interesting and fun evening it became!  My aunt exactly cooked what I phoned her, and so that was no problem. She even made it very tasty because she bought good quality and flavored it with garlic and everything.  🙂

13:00 – Breadstick
14:00 – Apple
15:00 – Cucumber
18:00 – Breadstick
20:00 – Steak with salad of spinach leaves
20:45 – Orange

My scale says: 191.4LBS (-13.6), 22.1%Fat, 53.8%Water

13:30 – Breadstick + orange
15:30 – Cucumber
16:50 – Cod fillet
18:00 – Breadstick + orange
20:00 – Bieflap* and three grilled tomatoes

*Don’t know how to translate, online translators also do not. It is some kind of steak

Update: Alright it is called a bifteck steak

My scale says: 192.3LBS (-12.8), 22.3%Fat, 53.7%Water

11:45 – Breadstick + apple
15:30 – Chicken with two grilled tomatoes
17:30 – Breadstick + apple
19:45 – 50 gr plaice, 25 gr  chicken, 25 gr veal with broccoli

My scale says: 192.5LBS (-12.5), 22.4%Fat, 53.7%Water

13:15- Breadstick + apple
15:30 – Chicken with three grilled tomatoes
17:00 – Breadstick
20:00 – Veal + cucumber
20:30 – Orange

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